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Unified Communications Over Real-time Networks

We're building unicorn as a federated connectivity layer that can theoritically inter-operate with any type of network; bridging fragmented silos of the internet.

unicorn can handle communications between human—human, human—machine and machine—machine.
We're opening it up as a hosted platform for developers to build their solutions on.

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Grouphone is our first consumer-facing service on the unicorn platform.
It lets you make group audio calls between any WebRTC-compliant browsers.

It uses a minimalistic approach to deliver distraction-free audio conferencing with minimum resource usage.

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Finder for Firefox OS


…so far…
& in near future…



A discussion platform for neue web


Communication-as-a-service for devs

The Force

Soumya Deb / CEO
Kaustav Das Modak / CTO
Nayanika Chattopadhyay / COO
Moumita Banerjee / CFO

& friends!

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IRC: #applait on Freenode

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