Firefox OS apps, baked and served hot.

What is Applait?

Applait is a premium service for bringing your applications to Firefox OS, based in Bangalore, India.

We, at Applait, have deep understanding of technologies behind Firefox OS. We help apps reach out to Firefox OS markets globally.

If you have a responsive web application, you can test drive it on Firefox OS with our app generator tool, and see how it will look on a real device. It will take only a minute!

Who is it for?

Applait for OEMs

We help OEMs implement their requirements by integrating seamlessly with their production cycles. We strive to provide production-ready solutions that OEMs can ship proudly with their platforms.

Applait for Enterprises

We minimize the time and effort it takes for an established enterprise to port their applications to Firefox OS. Our team can turn out a solution in lesser time than it needs for an enterprise team to get up to speed with a new platform.

Applait for Entrepreneurs

We are the perfect technical team for any entrepreneur looking to invest in the Firefox OS ecosystem. Whether you want to target multiple platforms at once, or create application specific to Firefox OS, we can take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Top 5 reasons to choose Applait

  1. You don't need to build your own developer team.
  2. You get a team who are experienced with all facets of Firefox OS.
  3. You can reach out to multiple platforms at once.
  4. We put quality over quantity. We don't bill you by the hours. We bill you for the solution we deliver.
  5. You can sit back and relax and see your idea take shape in the hands of expert developers!

For any app related queries, drop us an email at

Generate a Firefox OS app

Yay! We have created an app for you. You can test drive this app on any Firefox OS device for the next 7 days.

If you find that your app needs more polish, count on us to help you!

Alternatively, you can download your app's manifest, and handcraft it.

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